Alp Ocean Import and Export Co., Limited

Welcome to Alp Ocean Glassware
Our Brand

Alp Ocean represents High-end offering, a wise and shiny combination of glass design, quality and performance to satisfy all the needs of table-top and home decoration glasses.

Thanks to our partners and customers’ support, Alp Ocean glassware have gained good reputation in China glassware industry. During recent years, we are standing at the forefront of tabletop industry and supply our fine glasses to over 19 countries in the world.

Good quality assurance & thousands of different glass model offer &small order quantity accepted & consider after-sale service are our biggest advantages in whole glassware industry of China.

“All roads Lead to Rome”, but the road is uneasy. Building a good brand always requires a lot of hard work and effort behind. Every piece of Alp Ocean glassware represents not only one good quality & shiny glass, but also represent the hard work and value from the respectable workers behind. Alp Ocean brand also reflects the trust from our customers, the passion from all Alp Ocean workers, and also the promise and honesty to all of our customers. This is a great treasure for Alp Ocean people.
Alp Ocean, a glassware brand worth to be remembered. We hope that “Alp Ocean” can be remembered as brilliant good glassware brand inside our customers’ heart. Customers’ satisfaction is our biggest motivation.We care our brand, we care what our customers’ care. We sincerely would like to grow up with customers, for creating a more brilliant glass world together.

Our Goal

Alp Ocean glassware is aiming to be the most competitive and valuable tabletop glass brand in China. We hope our design glasses can be loved by consumers in more different countries. This is our goal and is also our pursuit.

We have a great sales team that consists of Professionals with young minds and passion. We also own a large efficient production team and complete quality control system to guarantee the best quality for our customers. We can provide one-stop service from design, research and development of new items to the package as well. All these conditions will lead us to fullfil our goal in coming days.

Today is difficult, tomorrow will be much difficult, but the day after tomorrow is beautiful. We couldn’t be the people who die in tomorrow evening.
Alp ocean teammates will treasure today’s time and bring more good glassware to more families in the world. Let us keep on this passion and go hand by hand in the future.